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Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Why is it that there are more personal diets and weight loss programs than ever, yet few people are able to reach their target weight? The level of motivation is the key to success. Those who maintain a high level of motivation to manage weight, seem to have the best results. Weight loss motivation tips can help you keep your eye on the goal.

Motivation is needed to keep you on task until you have reached your goal. But it doesn't stop there. It is a continuous process throughout time. Motivation is your weapon for success. But how do you keep the momentum going?

The following are a few ideas to keep your motivation for weight loss going in the right track.

Tip 1

Weight loss is really about the difference in desire. Which is most desirable for you? The desire for eating that burger with fries and a shake while lounging on the sofa in front of the TV, or losing weight?

To help you process this, write down your reasons for losing weight. Wanting to fit into that party dress you saw at the mall, or needing to fit into the seat on the plane will determine your goal. Perhaps you just want to be healthier so you can hike with your family.

Whatever the reasons, write them down and read them every morning. This is the beginning of readjusting your mindset.

Tip 2

Sustain your motivation by visualization. Think forward as to how you will look, the clothes you will be able to wear, and the compliments you will receive. Spend five minutes a day imagining this future achievement.

This self encouragement keeps those thoughts of failure at bay, and reminds you daily of the benefits of reaching your goal successfully.

Tip 3

Having a lot of weight to lose can make it hard to keep motivated. Here is another weight loss motivation tip to help propel you through the long haul. Using a year long calendar, post the number of weeks between holidays, birthdays, vacations or other special events. Use these as motivational target dates.

For example, if there are two months between Valentines day and your birthday, calculate the estimated number of pounds you should lose during that period of time. At a rate of two pounds a week, with four weeks to a month, your estimated weight lose should be 16 pounds.

By estimating your pound lose between each event, you are giving yourself small targets to reach. This is more encouraging than telling yourself you have 50 pounds to lose in a year.

Tip 4

Promising yourself a treat every time you reach a target goal will extend motivation. Build in a non-caloric treat between small goals. These could be anything important to you. A pedicure or new mystery novel for every 5 pounds lost, could be just the weight loss motivation tip with enough incentive to keep you going.

Tip 5

To visually mark your progress, take a picture of yourself in a swim suit at the start of your weight loss program. Follow your weight loss as you take a picture in the same suit each month. Motivation to continue will be automatic as you see your swim suit become more and more baggy.

Add these few weight loss motivation tips to your program and lose those unwanted pounds. If you are looking for a bit of help in keeping up with the required motivation levels, try listening to specially selected hypnosis sessions, which focus solely on motivation for weight management.

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