Allowed to recall all students, some schools to stop online classes | News from Gurgaon

Gurgaon: For the first time since March 2020, when offline classes were suspended and learning reduced to tiny screens of smartphones and laptops, schools in the city can start classes with a 100% capacity from Wednesday, subject to parental consent. Most ‘low budget’ private schools are leaning towards calling students to class while several leading private schools are more inclined to pursue hybrid mode amid the spread of the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV2 in some countries and risk in India as well.
In his announcement last week, Education Minister Krishan Pal stressed that no student should be forced to attend offline classes and that schools must adhere to SOPs that emphasize consent. parents. However, a formal order from the ministry in this regard is awaited.
Preparing to avoid online classes, several schools in the city have said hybrid mode is just a “stopgap” arrangement and things need to be brought back to the normality of the pre-Covid era.
“We will be suspending online classes and learning will take place again in the classroom. Of course, Covid standards and child safety will be a priority, ”said Colonel KR Pratap Singh, president of Colonel’s Central Academy.
The Gurgaon Sarvodaya group, a union of around 30 low-budget private schools in the city, has unanimously decided to disconnect from Wednesday.
“No online classes now, that’s the message we sent to parents. Schools are meant to go offline, and online education has already had an impact on our academics. Large schools can handle hybrid mode, but for most others it is an impossible task. Our students and teachers have suffered and we need to get our academic performance back on track, ”said Drona public school principal Bhisham Bharadwaj.
CD International School principal Yashpal Yadav said distance learning poses many challenges for the institute. “Parents didn’t understand the concept and stopped paying the fees, students dropped out and joined public schools, and several institutes couldn’t support their staff. Going completely offline is the only way to regain our full potential, ”he told TOI.
On the other hand, many top private schools are on hold and are looking to gradually return to offline classes.
“We have circulated the consent form and are awaiting the parents’ response. While we want all children to return to school, we must respect the wishes of parents. Some of them might want to continue with online courses. We will have hybrid mode at least until the end of the year, ”said Salwan public school principal Rashmi Malik.
There are also apprehensions among parents and teachers about the spread of Omicron. Depending on how the new variant behaves in the coming weeks, schools will take a call to go completely offline. If the children’s parents are unwilling to send them away for offline lessons, schools have said they will continue to run online lessons for them.
“We are looking forward to reuniting with all the children. The possibility was emerging a few weeks ago, but the new variant has stirred up new fears. Gurgaon is one of the main hubs for international travelers and people fear a possible epidemic again. Until there are more studies around the new variant, the hybrid mode will have to stay. Health and safety should be a priority in these times, ”said Rupa Chakravarty, principal of Suncity School.
Additionally, with the CBSE board exams starting on Tuesday, many schools have said they will consider going offline completely once they’re done. They also said attendance is likely to increase and regular offline classes, which will not be rotated, will be developed.
“Based on the response to the consent form, we will develop a new plan. But yes, offline lessons will likely be regular now, with online streaming for those who want to learn at home. We will continue in hybrid mode until the government order is released and the parents are 100% consenting, ”said Blue Bells school principal Arpita Acharya.