Kashmir’s education system is slowly collapsing due to continuous blockages over three years and there is a terrible impact on the psyche of children growing up at a time when the mind is ripe for development. However, over the past three years, school children have lost interest in learning due to the lack of routine that would instill in them the imperative of self-discipline to grow as an educated person. The missing routine not only affects their psyche, but hinders their growth as perfect human beings eager to do something for humanity since machines replaced the mind. This overuse and overdependence on smart cell phones has caused parents to swallow bitter pills as children face immense health issues that affect their eyes, brain, neck, hands and body in general. . Parents in order to give a comfortable life to their children overwork and secretly allow the use of cell phones so that they stay indoors to avoid catching the virus but the damage is greater than the Covid since it has turned into parasites what is dangerous for any society at young minds become addicted to the machine. In this regard, the government failed to evolve the concept of community class in which teachers from both government and the private sector could have played their part in providing education in their respective fields during the lockdown, but instead of this, teachers like to spend their vacations at the expense of students who have no orientation. except to join coaching courses which rightfully thrive as they bridge the gap created by online courses. For most parents who believe their wards religiously attend these classes, it is living in a fool’s paradise, as students have devised their own ways to get away from the online education system. Teachers who provide this form of education have no choice but to follow the orders of the school principal or authorities to do what the government orders. Considering the importance of education, the education department should order schools to start winter classes offline in a phased manner so that there is reconnection with the school and teachers for a better schooling and better education. The government should not prevent coaching institutions from continuing their good work in the form of continuing education, even if this comes at a price. What options do parents have in terms of learning and what competition their children should face in the future.