Bhopal: Parents Upset As Some Schools Press Online Class Pause Button | Bhopal News

BHOPAL: The online and offline struggle between parents and some schools doesn’t seem to be disconnecting.
Parents are upset with some schools’ erratic online classes and the insistence on offline classes, without any government order. A leading school had suspended online classes for three days after a direct “offline only” message verbally during the online class. After opposition from parents, he resumes online lessons from Saturday.
When TOI contacted DEO Bhopal, Nitin Saxena, with specific cases, he reiterated that there was no order from the state government to discontinue online classes.
The father of a child studying at a girls’ school said he was shocked when online classes abruptly ended. “They sent messages tonight saying online classes will resume. I don’t understand why schools are creating such confusion. They should continue online and offline classes and let parents decide to send their children,” did he declare.
Some schools run online classes at will, parents say. “Sometimes they lead online and sometimes they don’t. My daughter doesn’t take classes offline. She’s so confused that she can’t concentrate. I paid the full cost but the school insists on it. that I send her to take lessons offline, “said another parent, Amrita Sisodiya.
A parent asked the district administration to clarify that there were no instructions to discontinue online classes. “In the absence of instructions from the state government, how can schools unilaterally decide to discontinue online lessons? Schools take the name of the government and there were no such instructions,” said a parent, Avni Ghosh.
When TOI contacted these schools, they all blamed “technical problems”.
“The state government has not given any instructions to stop online classes. If a school does, the school education department will investigate. The department has not yet reviewed the situation to make a final decision. “WD Saxena said.
Few parents have even decided to meet with school principals next week on this subject. “We cannot send our children until they are vaccinated. We will talk to the principal and oppose being forced to send children to offline classes,” said parent Vineet Upadhyay.
That said, there are indeed several schools that transparently handle both offline and online education, letting parents take the call.