Donors donate $150,000 for an online public course on The Northwood Idea

Northwood University is pleased to announce that it has received donations totaling $150,000 to fund online courses for anyone interested in The Northwood Idea and the free market economy.

Donald S. Gottwald, a 1988 alumnus, and his wife, Pamela, are the primary donors behind this effort to highlight The Northwood Idea, which is the University’s guiding philosophy that provides students a basis for utilizing their unique individual talents in a free society. lead a full life.

The Northwood idea exists as a timeless set of values ​​that adapts to changing conditions while remaining unwavering as a guiding light. It provides direction to those who understand the full meaning of freedom.

Freedom, we believe, is the foundation of prosperity. Societies, and the people who come together to form them, thrive to the extent that those people are free to make their own choices. Individual freedom, coupled with individual responsibility, creates an environment in which the greatest good — economic or otherwise — accrues to the greatest number of people. The free enterprise system encourages investment, innovation, efficiency and determination. It also serves as a shield against tyranny. We strongly believe that government should be limited in scope, ensure the rule of law through broad consent, but not dictate the personal and economic decisions of its citizens.

“The Northwood Idea Task Force, formed in November 2020, launched a comprehensive effort to inject new energy into the Northwood Idea, offered several recommendations, including the creation of a new academic program centered on Northwood’s idea,” said Justin Marshall, vice president. advancement and business development at Northwood. “We are very grateful for Mr. Gottwald’s generous donation, which will allow us to share this programming with the general public.”

“One of the initiatives of The Northwood Idea Task Force is to showcase Northwood and our mission/philosophy,” said Dr. Dale Matcheck, who chairs the economics department at Northwood University. “This donation, combined with donations from others, will help achieve this very important goal.”

“The Northwood idea has inspired students, including me, for over 50 years,” Gottwald said. “It highlights, among other things, the noble profession of business. It’s a privilege to help bring The Northwood Idea to a vast new audience online.

Gottwald, also known as Don, is an entrepreneur. Don holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Northwood University and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in Durham, NC.

The effort to bring The Northwood Idea online courses to the public is also supported by a generous gift from the Thomas F. and Harriet S. Oakley Family Trust. Thanks to the generous donations of several people, Northwood University will release additional courses in the months and years to come.

Donors who value freedom, the American system of free enterprise, and the creation of leaders who drive economic and social progress given their own gift to Northwood University can visit our Donate page or contact the Advancement Office from Northwood at (989) 837-4356.