Government schools run morning and evening online classes to suit students | Ranchi News

RANCHI: Several public schools are likely to change their class routine to improve student participation during online lessons. The state government has closed all schools due to a sharp rise in Covid cases.
Following the government’s decision, the Jharkhand Project Board of Education on Tuesday asked education officials to strengthen the online classroom system in preparation for the upcoming annual exams. The Department of Education provides study material through a Digi-Saath group with instructions that it be passed on to students via WhatsApp. Online classes are conducted through various apps, including Google Meet and Zoom. Principals said many students were unable to join classes due to lack of smartphones and laptops. Even if the concerned parents have the phones, they take them with them to work. Under these circumstances, classes should take place in the morning and evening when parents are at home, they said.
Principal of Zila School, Deepa Choudhary, said, “Lack of smartphones and poor connectivity are major bottlenecks students face during online lessons. Those who study in the lower grades, in general, do not have their own mobile phone. We would take feedback from students when they are able to attend classes so that changes are made to the routine.
Expressing similar views, the college’s principal, Pandra Ashok Singh, said preparing students for the upcoming tests was the only job of teachers. He said: “I am of the opinion that online classes should not start before 5 p.m. Online courses cannot be an adequate substitute for offline courses and it will be a real challenge to ensure the participation of a large number of students in the exercise. District Education Officer AV Bilung said schools have flexibility regarding class routine. He said: “If schools receive information that the number of pupils will increase by adjusting the routine, they should go ahead. Our goal is to reach as many students as possible.