Hanoi schoolchildren return to online classes

On Sunday, the city administration approved a proposal by district authorities to have more than 500,000 students in grades one to six (aged 6 to 12) in 18 outlying districts stay at home and study online. from Monday until further notice.

Tran The Cuong, director of the municipal education department, said Sunday morning that 15 suburban districts had made the proposal to ensure the safety of children in the age group because they had not yet been vaccinated.

Vietnam has not started vaccinating children under 12 against Covid-19.

Hanoi has led the country in the number of daily infections since late last year. The city now has 74 districts and municipalities deemed to be at high Covid-19 risk.

The number of daily cases in the city exceeded 10,000 on Saturday and 11,000 on Sunday.

According to the department, since students were allowed to return to school on February 10, the number of children testing positive for the virus has accounted for 10% of the total number of infections in the city, or more than 17,300. case.

Of these, nearly 600 had to be hospitalized for treatment.

Over the past week, the number of students attending in-person classes has increased from 90% to 75% in primary and secondary schools, 77% in secondary schools and 79% in outlying elementary schools.

The main reason for the drop was that many students and teachers had contracted Covid-19, forcing the whole class to stay home and study online.

Hanoi allowed students in grades seven through twelfth in 18 districts to resume in-person classes on Feb. 8; and students in grades one through six two days later.

However, students in grades one through six in the central districts have had to continue studying online.

On Saturday, the capital recorded more than 259,302 Covid cases since last April, when the fourth wave of coronavirus surfaced.