Immersive Online Course with Catriona Gray at Nas Academy

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray delighted her students in an immersive night of virtual entertainment, festivities and entertainment during the “Meet the Creator” segment of her “How to be a Queen” online course at Nas Academy.
Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray

The global edtech platform opens the Catriona Gray Academy in November, with nearly a thousand enrolled students who aspire to follow in the footsteps of a beauty queen. “I’m so proud of what you’ve built together there because at the end of the day the course is just a course, but the way you apply it, the things you learned, how you share, encourage and uplift each other. and how you continue to share your own learning, your own experience with other people, that’s all it’s about, ”Gray explains to the students. Her course focuses on personality development and self-confidence building, where students are trained to make a powerful first impression and become the best version of themselves. Freeing her Queen or Inner King is the primary focus, as Catriona shares comprehensive lessons on various facets of empowerment, including answering tough questions, dealing with harsh criticism and polarizing topics, tackling the anxiety and self-doubt, as well as advocating for a social cause. all leading to a true full queen character. Gray recognizes the queens of his former students and, along with the students, has shown his support for Jade Cini, one of his former students who also participates in the international Miss Universe pageant. “We are delighted that the Catriona students have finally had the chance to complete their experience with this Meet the Creator session. She is one of the most admired on our list of creative educators. Our courses at Nas Academy are not only pre-recorded video lessons, but also a community experience where participants can interact with handpicked facilitators and make friends along the way while learning with their classmates ” , points out Jacqueline Maye Lim, Nas Academy’s Country Direction the Philippines. “It becomes a network of people who share interests and learnings with each other, and it empowers students in a very special way – and that’s what we especially want here in the Philippines,” Lim added. True to its vision, Nas Academy aspires to build a community of Filipino educators and learners by offering courses in personal development, small business empowerment, and content creation on its platform. The Catriona Gray Academy, alongside the Carlo Ople Academy and the Anthony Francisco Academy, is part of the first batch of Philippine designer academies open for registration.

Catriona and other administrators made fans happy with a “Meet the Creator” segment of her “How to be a Queen” online course at Nas Academy.

In September, Nas Academy also launched its community-based courses which benefited 7,000 students in its first month, to positively impact the lives of Filipinos through online education. The courses have been and will continue to be offered free of charge. “I’m so proud to be a part of this, to be a part of this group and to have this connection with all of you; it’s so special to me, ”concludes Gray.

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