Learn to cook from anywhere with these online courses

Plus, the benefit of taking a virtual cooking class is that you can learn how to prepare meals from the comfort of your own kitchen. This way, there is no pressure to deliver a mouth-watering masterpiece in front of other classmates. Of course, with a little patience and practice, even novice cooks can serve up something sublime in no time!

Here are seven fabulous online cooking classes you should try the next time you want to explore your culinary side. Enjoy your lunch!

America’s Test Kitchen

America’s Test Kitchen’s award-winning cooking show has aired for 20 seasons. You can attend ATK Online Cooking School on multiple digital devices and choose from over 320 classes to hone your cooking skills! Sign up for one or more classes, including cooking basics, technique classes, recipe classes, and more. Do you want to learn how to prepare tasty Thai dinners? Or how about baking crispy baguettes or honing your advanced knife skills?

There’s so much to learn from expert instructors, 5,000 photos and 200 videos – and even lessons you can do with your kids. Find out with a 2-week free trial or get a paid subscription with unlimited access.

Pasta with the grannies

Who can resist the palate-pleasant comfort of pasta – especially when learning to make traditional Italian dishes in a women’s village in Palombara, Sabina, Italy?

In Pasta with the Grandmas, a grandmother and granddaughter team up to teach you a different recipe each night in a class scheduled live through Airbnb Online Experiences. Lesson fees are per person with group discounts depending on the size of your group. Learn their recipe secrets while preparing dishes like Fettuccine Ragu, Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli, Gnocchi Pesto and Classic Lasagna. Fun extras include wine pairing suggestions, Italian music selections and more!

Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Cooking Class

World-renowned chef, restaurateur and star of multiple TV cooking shows, Gordon Ramsey demonstrates how to cook a wide range of simple and delicious dishes in his free online Ultimate Cooking Class on YouTube. Not only does it teach you how to cook, but Ramsey gives tips like the best and easiest way to slice peppers (spoiler alert: slice them on the flat side!). Overall, its goal is to help viewers learn to “cook with confidence” in a multi-video series featuring “100 Recipes to Stake Your Life In”. You’ll bake, sear, chop, dice, fry, and more.

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Chef’s Steps

If you want to learn fun and unconventional cooking methods from a cast of chefs, writers, and video pros, check out ChefSteps. A monthly Studio Pass fee of $7 or $69 per year gives you access to new cooking guides, “food science facts”, a host of behind-the-scenes videos, all to help you “better » your kitchen.

Studio Pass members can access a wide range of step-by-step instructional recipes and Premium classes. Have you ever wanted to make homemade milk chocolate bars? Why not try a delicious Tornado omelet? Or you can get really creative with a “Reuben-Esque Smash Patty Melt.” One word sums up these culinary delights – yum!

The ChefSteps team is filming videos of Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market – a perfect place for virtual classes that will help you serve up amazing food!

Publix Aprons Online Cooking School

National grocery chain Publix teaches you how to prepare various delicious meals in its online cooking school Publix Aprons. Watch cooking classes on YouTube that feature recipe ingredients you can buy from a local grocer. Some of the delicious and easy-to-make offerings include chicken cutlets, spicy fried shrimp tacos and avocado salsa, plus a lesson in building an amazing fresh cheese platter.


No list of online cooking classes is complete without a baking specialty class like CakeFlix. You’ll learn how to bake and decorate a range of gorgeous cakes and scrumptious desserts, including some of the dazzling ones from the ‘Holiday Baking Championship’. Choose your skill level between Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced, then learn through a series of easy-to-follow tutorials. There are free, premium and pro subscriptions.

Master class

Taking an online cooking MasterClass means you’ll learn from a range of renowned chefs, including Gordon Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters and Gabriela Cámara. Each celebrity chef teaches with a unique culinary flair or specialty. The advantage of learning through MasterClass is that you can watch lessons on-demand, and there’s a monthly fee billed annually to access the entire Masterclass online course library.

We’ve armed you with some great choices, so let’s get cooking!

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