Ministry of Law and Justice, NALSAR Hyderabad Launches Online Course on Indian Constitution

ByMike V. Cooper

Nov 27, 2021

The Legal Affairs Department of the Ministry of Law and Justice, in collaboration with NALSAR Law University, Hyderabad, will launch an online course on the Indian constitution. Applicants should note that the online course will be available on the website at

Anyone who has passed class 10 can register for this course. The online course will be made available to students on the eve of Constitution Day

The online course includes 15 concept videos and the first video conference will be available upon registration. After the previous video is finished, the next video will be available in a progressive way. These videos will be available for a period of 6 months from the date of registration.

Registration for this course is free. However, for those who wish to obtain a certificate of appreciation or a certificate of merit, a symbolic fee of Rs 100 will be charged, according to an official statement.

Participants will learn about the constitutional guarantees of fundamental rights through the great rights revolution, the relationship between fundamental rights and fundamental duties, the futuristic goals of the constitution as embodied in the guiding principles and the relationship between rights fundamental and guiding principles, the powers of union and state executive, the powers and role of our judicial system, in particular its role of taking people’s suffering seriously through public interest litigation , the President-Prime Minister relationship, the ordinance-making power and the amendment powers of Parliament.