MSU Student Petitions for Online Courses

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — There is an online petition designed to keep online and distance learning courses available at MSU.

Students are expected to return to campus and learn in person on Monday.

The students have been taking online classes for three weeks. Now a petition is attracting attention.
It’s an effort to encourage MSU to offer a virtual option for every class in the future.

“I wish they’d given us that choice because we’re the student, we’re paying for our education. We should be able to be in an environment where we can succeed and do our best,” said Katarina Keeley, l MSU student who started the petition.

She appreciates the steps the university has taken to try to reduce the spread of COVID. She wants there to be options for everyone.

“People who have health issues and stuff like that, who have been very immunocompromised and worried about it. Trying to force them back in there when they don’t feel ready seems weird to me,” said MSU student Anthony Gaines.

The students who signed the petition said their concerns were not only about preventing the spread of COVID in the classroom, but also about controlling class work when they couldn’t get to class.

“I had COVID during this time online and I honestly think if I hadn’t had a class they would have given me a zero for attendance and I think having an online option would be very beneficial “said student Blair Bayden.

University officials said they were aware of the petition but felt ready to resume in-person classes on Monday.

MSU also noted that it will still offer some online courses, but not all.

Other students said they learned best in person and were ready to come back to class.

“I’m not a huge internet fan so I’m excited, but it might be tough walking in the cold, but I can’t wait to get back there in person,” student Blair Hayden said.

In addition to the indoor mask requirements, the university has a reminder requirement where all students and staff must have this information submitted by February 1.