Online courses on entrepreneurship and business creation

ByMike V. Cooper

Apr 20, 2022

A FOUR week online course will aim to give participants an understanding of entrepreneurship and provide guidance on how to turn business ideas into reality.

local Enterprise Office Wexford is behind the course, which starts on Tuesday 26 April.

During the first session, participants will complete a personal skills analysis, in addition to assessing their personal goals and reasons for wanting to start a business. The course will examine how to develop a business idea into a viable start-up capable of monetizing a product or service.

The second session will cover legal structures, how to register a business name and a domain name and give an introduction to taxation.

The course will then focus on business planning, including the main elements when designing such a plan, and setting strategic goals and objectives. It will offer guidance on cash flow forecasting in the first year.

Participants will also gain training in key marketing principles, including identifying and meeting customer needs, developing a marketing plan, promoting a start-up, and conducting market research. market.

A finance session will provide an introduction to small business financing, as well as a review of funding sources, business costs, pricing and accounting options. The last session will cover the basics of good financial management, ranging from accounting to taxes.

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