Online teacher from Bettendorf reflects on the past school year and the future of online learning

BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) – Dawn Berta has been teaching online for over a decade and decided to start a new e-learning business, Your Teachable Moment, during the pandemic.

“I had this idea last summer, it’s because they have these learning platforms for kids, so when my 13 year old at the time was not in school for spring break and never came back, we were looking for some kind of interactive class that she could take online in addition to what her school made her do, ”said Berta.

Your Teachable Moment offers classes for all ages, ranging from learning ukulele to learning French.

But after watching her 13-year-old daughter go to school online, she was frustrated by the experience.

“I was watching my daughter go through this and I was like ‘God, I wish I could just go through their computer system and fix this for them’ and just make it interesting for them and better than it is, but they don’t. haven’t done ask me, ”Berta said.

The biggest thing Berta wanted to see changed was consistency between classes.

“Having the same teacher-to-teacher setup, some teachers had quizzes on Google Classroom, some people had quizzes outside of Google Classroom and they got the link in the email, things were class to class “Said Berta,” What I learned was that public schools were really lacking in organization, that things had to be organized and that they had to be replicated in the same way. It was basically about sit down and listen to the teacher and I think the kids really needed more interaction for this to be successful.

Berta also added that online learning gives the wrong idea of ​​what home schooling is.

“I’ve heard people say, ‘Oh, I could never do homeschool because I’ve been doing this all year round’ and what I want them to know is that it isn’t. ‘homeschooling isn’t homeschooling at all, homeschooling is very, very different from that and it could be very successful, ”said Berta.

And she could see a generation of learners being scared of future online learning opportunities.

“They might turn away from it (e-learning) in the future, but when it’s done right and it’s been done for years and years and years, then it’s a whole different experience,” Berta said.

In the end, she thinks the school has done its best.

“The kids who were pushed 100% online and weren’t ready for it weren’t prepared for it and honestly the schools didn’t know what they were doing, they (schools and students) did did their best … but it was not well implemented, ”said Berta.

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