Review the online course schedule

Parents are complaining about the long duration of online classes since last year after schools switched to online teaching mode due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year, the School Education Department issued a notice to private schools, urging them not to take regular long-term online classes, citing its detrimental effects on children’s health.

Private schools were urged not to rush the program by uploading videos in large numbers and running long courses through Zoom or other apps.

But parents complain that private schools seem in a hurry to complete the program that too many preschool and primary classes will bear no fruit for the children.

Previously, the principal secretary of the School Education Department, Bishwajit Kumar Singh, said private schools should give students a 10-15 minute break after each class. But it appears that no instructions have been given to private schools to review their schedules online. If such a directive had been issued, the students would have obtained some relief.

With no action from the government side, parents begged private schools to review the online class schedule, but to no avail.