schools: Schools make Vax certificates essential for online courses, parents are unhappy | Bhopal News

Bhopal: Schools in the state capital, after realizing that several students aged 15-17 did not come forward for vaccination, made vaccinations compulsory even for online classes. Notices have been sent by several schools to parents and students in this regard.
While the intention of schools is good to vaccinate as many children as possible in the eligible age group, parents however say that vaccinations should not hinder studies.
A senior official in the school education department told TOI that several private school students avoided getting vaccinated. “Despite our many requests, students from several private schools do not show up for vaccination. In such a situation, schools have been instructed to post notices stating that they will not be allowed to take online courses,” the official said without mentioning his name.
The department has identified about 10,000 such students, including dropouts who refused to be vaccinated. There are about 1.13 lakh students in Bhopal eligible for vaccination.
“The majority of students have been vaccinated. Whoever remains will be vaccinated soon,” said DEO Bhopal, Nitin Saxena.
Schools said they also issued several reminders to students, but made countless excuses. “After realizing students won’t show up for vaccinations, schools have no choice but to enforce mandatory vaccinations to attend online classes,” a school owner said without mentioning his name. .
Parents objected, however, that schools should not opt ​​for such a coercive approach. “There must be several reasons why the students objected to vaccination for them. The school education department should look into their problem and if they have a genuine reason, they should be allowed to continue with online lessons with a warning that they need to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Banning unvaccinated students from taking online classes will hamper their studies,” said the mother of a Class 10 student, Vinita Verma.