Telangana excludes online courses for students

Hyderabad: Amid fears of an increase in Covid19 cases among students and the possible outbreak of the Omicron variant, the chairman of the state higher education council made it clear on Tuesday that there would be no no online or hybrid model courses and students will be required to attend compulsory physical classes.

An offline meeting was held on Tuesday by the State Department of Higher Education regarding preparedness for a possible outbreak of the Omicron variant. The vice-chancellors of several universities were present.

“At the meeting, it was decided that students should attend physical classes and that each college / university should follow all Covid19 standards,” said Professor D Ravinder of Osmania VC. He said additional classes can be suspended if necessary, but that there would be no major change in the academic calendar. “Everything is now open by the government.

“VCs at various universities have been asked to ensure that staff and students are fully immunized and that an appropriate distance is maintained between all of them,” Ravinder said.

He said 98 percent of his staff and students at Osmania University were vaccinated. The university would conduct another vaccination campaign to make sure the others are covered as well. “We admitted those who were fully vaccinated. Also with regard to hostels, admission is only allowed after confirming that the vaccination has been carried out by each participant,” he said.

However, the city’s private colleges are continuing with the hybrid model and are planning to do so for another month.

“Colleges that have accommodation facilities are more vulnerable to the spread of the virus. Managements also cannot enforce social distancing in hostels around the clock. As for private colleges, courses last just four or five hours, and Covid19 protocols are strictly followed, ”said BP Padala, president of Roots Collegium.

Not all universities affiliated with the University of Osmania are happy with this decision.

Sources from affiliated colleges said, “A decision has to come from management even if the staff don’t want offline courses in full swing. It is very difficult to teach a class of 70 students with the mask on for a whole day. “said a professor at St. Francis College.

He added: “Hybrid classes must be taken into account and we must not invite catastrophes on our own. “