The London School of Trends is open for admissions for an online course in fashion and design

ByMike V. Cooper

Mar 25, 2022
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The London School of Trends is open for admissions for an online course in fashion and design

Posted on March 25, 2022

MUMBAI: The London School of Trends has announced admissions for online courses in fashion and design. They accept admissions from students around the world for their virtual classrooms for a variety of fashion and design courses.

Students have the coveted opportunity to explore among a selection of fashion and design career options with class-style online courses offered by the London School of Trends. These are professional training courses allowing students to begin their career in the world of Fashion and Design. These courses accept student admissions, past qualifications without a bar and above all allow anyone aged 18 and over to get the online learning experience from anywhere.

London School of Trends has been the only institute accredited by the British Accreditation Council for over 10 years. Students will get hands-on insight into new concepts through video lectures, assignments, live student support, internal student networks, and internship cells offered by the institute.

Some of the key courses offered by the London School of Trends are fashion business, digital transformation in fashion, luxury brand management, interior styling, and more. These courses help students achieve their goals, develop the necessary skills through in-depth learning taught by industry professors and artists, and earn the student an industry-recognized certificate.

Additionally, students can also apply for the London Summer School, a month-long on-campus program that welcomes students from around the world to enroll in courses focusing on art, design, fashion, internal communication and study abroad experience. Fees for this course cover airfare, airport pick-up, accommodation, all meals, travel to London + course fees, sightseeing, portfolio photo shoot and more again.

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