Transform your writing! Affordable Online Courses

Transform your writing! Affordable Online Classes Semester starts March 7 Playwrights Guild Institute Our classes will help you revamp your craft and discover new possibilities in your own career as a drama writer. The semester, which begins Monday, March 7, will offer 11 online courses. Gain fundamental knowledge of the art of lyric writing in Word Crazy. Explore the making of an American musical, from the first words on the page to the final theater preview, in The American Musical: Created to be Produced. inclusive view of contemporary theater in Architecture of Plays: Focus on Trans Narratives. Discover a foolproof way to analyze your rooms, so that you can find out what to do with your next draft, in Script Analysis for Dramatists. And learn how to navigate the business aspects of the industry , in Artists as CEO. Now, more than ever, opportunities for r self-expression and connection through storytelling sustains us and strengthens our community of playwrights. To view our full list of spring semester offerings, please visit Sign up for spring now! Video Experience the creation of the American musical with the Lazour brothers in their new DGI class this spring. Watch the video to learn more.