Ukrainian medical teachers tend to be injured and take online courses in the midst of war | Indore News

INDORE: A siren sounds. It’s not the oven or the smoke detector. The professor freezes in panic. More than 7,000 km away, in Bhopal, the students shudder to see their teacher in kyiv, Ukraine, terrified. It is a terror each of them knows only too well.
Ukrainian universities have resumed online classes even as a war rages all around them. For Indian medical students, now at home and on the other side of the screen, it is a surreal experience. During lessons, in the background, they often hear sirens, explosions and the characteristic staccato of automatic gunfire.
Many of their teachers attend classes in bunkers and even hospitals in the midst of war – a stunning testament to the fighting spirit of Ukrainians.
Third-year Indore medical student Yukti Verma told TOI how the sirens sounded during an online class on Thursday. His teacher broke down. The Indian students suggested she take a break, but she calmed down and continued to teach them, saying, “Let’s focus on our studies.
Classes may be online, but there is nothing virtual about the trauma on either side of the screen. The students, now back in the safety of their homes, cannot forget the terror when they were caught in the middle of a war none of them imagined.
Verma, who reached Indore on March 4, always freaks out when she hears a siren, especially when it’s for her teachers. To extend their support and express their gratitude, Indian medical students displayed the Ukrainian flag on their profile pictures. Fifth-year medical student Pranay Rao from Indore told TOI, “Our faculty members are busy treating wounded soldiers and civilians. At the same time, they find time to teach us. stress is extremely obvious. But their courage is incredible. “Despite the war and their medical duties, the teachers take six to seven hours of lessons every day.
Moved by the courage of the teachers, fifth-year medical student from Indore, Shubham Jirati, said, “We have no words to express our respect. Even in this crisis, our teachers want to make sure we don’t lose our studies. There is no change in the teaching schedule despite the war – 12:30-6pm IST.
Students cling to the hope of being able to resume normal classes in Ukraine in September, six months from now.